29 Apr 2019 - SonarQube setup on Azure App Service
As noted in a previous post, you can host a SonarQube on an Azure App Service, thanks to Nathan Vanderby, a Premier Field Engineer from Microsoft. He created an ARM template to run the SonarQube installation behind an Azure App Service with a Java host. This saves you a lot of steps mentioned above! You can find the scripts for it on GitHub or deploy it from the big deploy...  View post
25 Feb 2019 - Webservice Plan Scaling in Azure Machine Learning Studio
I recently found that I had a web service plan running for my Machine Learning Studio (MLS) workspace in Azure. I was hosting some test webservices on it from a research session earlier on. The web service plan was not doing anything for me, but I did incur some costs running it. Since the default tier it picks during is already an S1, this can build up if you are...  View post
21 Feb 2019 - Fixing Azure Function Error RunResolvePublishAssemblies
I ran into an issue with a new Azure Function I created: when I tried to run it, I got an error message about a RunResolvePublishAssemblies setting. The target “RunResolvePublishAssemblies” does not exist in the project Digging around the internet did not give an indication where to look. Most examples pointed to years old issues that indicated this message for dotnet core version 1.0. I am running a preview version...  View post
21 Jan 2019 - Setting up Azure Monitor to trigger your Azure Function
I wanted to trigger an Azure Function based on changes in the Azure Subscription(s) we where monitoring. The incoming data can than be used to do interesting things with: keeping track of who does what, see new resources being deployed or old ones being deleted, etc. Back when I started working on this, there was no Event Grid option to use in Azure Functions, so I started with linking it...  View post
16 Jan 2019 - Docker for Windows: fix unauthorized errors
After installing Docker for Windows (recently renamed to Docker Desktop) I could not get the basic command docker run hello-world working. I checked my install, read more docs, got confused if it was in my Hyper-V setup, the networking stack in it, or something else. Finally a light bulb went off and I found the solution! The issue After installation Docker present you with a login screen. Since that login...  View post
13 Jan 2019 - Missing Azure Functions Logs
I was testing with our Azure Function and had set the cron expression on the timer trigger to "0 0 */2 * * *", based on the example from the Microsoft documentation. When I went to the logs a day later, I noticed that some of the runs weren’t there! unsplash-logoPhoto by Emily Morter Missing logs ?? I added a red line were I noticed some of the logs missing....  View post
24 Oct 2018 - Azure Functions Connection Monitoring
Last week I noticed our Azure Function wasn’t running anymore and I got a pop-up in the Azure Portal indicating that we reached the limit on our open connections. The popup message contains something like Azure Host thresholds exceeded: [Connections] and links to this documentation page. The documentation already hints at the usual suspects: HttpClient holds on to the connections longer then you’ll usually need. Since the whole Azure Functions...  View post
20 Oct 2018 - SonarQube setup for Azure DevOps
During installation and setting up a SonarQube server for usage in an Azure DevOps Build I found some things that I didn’t remember from previous installation and wanted to log that in this post, so the next time I have somewhere to find these things in one place. Updated 5-1-2019 Read the last section of this post if you want to use an even easier way of setting up and...  View post
10 Sep 2018 - Azure DevOps Pipeline for GitHub Open Source Projects
Microsoft announced today that they have a ‘new’ product: Azure DevOps! With that announcement came another one: Azure DevOps pipelines for GitHub open source projects with unlimited minutes! I wanted to see what the integration with GitHub would look like, so I tried it out. Note: of course, you could already create pipelines for GitHub repo’s, but only inside of a VSTS account and not with unlimited build/release minutes! If...  View post
05 Sep 2018 - Azure error setting up export from Activity Log to Event Hub
While working to setup an export from Activity Log to an Event Hub I got no response on a save action. This took some time to figure out why this happened, so I thought it could be helpful for someone else. Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash Issue when saving When saving the export setting via this blade: I got this error: After scratching my head a little I checked...  View post
02 Sep 2018 - GDBC DevOps pipelines in VSTS
Global DevOps BootCamp In June 2018 I was part of the team behind Global DevOps BootCamp (or GDBC in short). The goal of the boot camp is to create a world wide event where everyone could get a taste of DevOps on the Microsoft Stack. It is an amazing combination between getting your hands dirty and sharing experience and knowledge around VSTS, Azure, DevOps with other community members. This years...  View post
23 Aug 2018 - Retrieving AppSettings for an App Service with the Fluent SDK
I am using the Azure Fluent SDK to retrieve information about the Azure setup and I wanted to retrieve the AppSettings from an App Service (or function app, or logic app). The simple solution didn’t work and searching around didn’t reveal any information about it. Finding something that did work (initial testing with a different service principle didn’t change the results), so here we are… Photo by Osman Rana on...  View post
12 Aug 2018 - Using a self signed certificate on a SonarQube server with VSTS/TFS
Recently I got a customer request to help them with provisioning a SonarQube server hosted in Azure. Fortunately there is an ARM template available for it: link. I ran into some issues with the ARM template at first and then tried to use the new SonarQube server within VSTS. TL;DR I didn’t manage to get the SonarQube VSTS Tasks working with the self-signed certificate. I think it’s probably possible, but...  View post
03 Aug 2018 - VSTS Personal Access Token for an Agent: Revoke after use
Today I was listening to RadioTFS episode 163 on my commute, with guests Wouter de Kort and Henry Been. During the show Wouter mentioned that he always revoked his VSTS Personal Access Token after using it, especially when used for a Build Agent. Apparantly the PAT is only used for the initial authentication to VSTS/TFS and after that it isn’t needed anymore! That indeed means that you can revoke the...  View post
20 Jul 2018 - Chocolatey Server in Azure
Recently I wanted to demo an example of how you can rollout Chocolatey packages via your own choco server. Sometimes we cannot save every binary in VSTS to use it in a pipeline as an artifact and therefor I needed a different artifact server. Chocolatey provides a NuGet wrapper around binaries that you can easliy track different versions with. Since that worked out an I now have a local document...  View post
16 Jun 2018 - GDBC DevOps on the Leaderboard
Global DevOps Bootcamp On the 16th of June 2018, Xpirit and Solidify organised a global event around the topic of DevOps and improving your release cadence. It is an ‘out of the box’ event with a lot of self organisation where people around the global gathered on their free saturdays to learn something new about DevOps. People interested in hosting a local venue went to the site https://globaldevopsbootcamp.com/ and started...  View post
02 Apr 2018 - DevOps and Telemetry: Support on the supporting systems
Note This is part 3 in a series of posts about DevOps and the role of telemetry in it. In part one I described the reasoning behind the series and explained how I started with logging (usage) telemetry for a SaaS application. You can read part 1 in the series here. In this post I want to explain about the next step: logging information about the systems that support the...  View post
22 Mar 2018 - DevOps and Telemetry: Supporting systems
Note This is part 2 in a series of posts about DevOps and the role of telemetry in it. In part one I described the reasoning behind the series and explained how I started with logging (usage) telemetry for a SaaS application. You can read part 1 in the series here. In this post I want to explain about the next step: logging information about the systems that support the...  View post
23 Feb 2018 - DevOps and Telemetry: Insights into your application
I like to make work and performance visible for teams by giving them the necessary information to gauge the performance of a system, both on a daily basis as well as over time. This will help them to find less performant parts of the system, or checking engagement statistics. Sometimes I feel this part of the process is forgotten when talking about DevOps these days. People will focus on bringing...  View post
23 Feb 2018 - VSTS Bulk Change WorkItemType
Update proces templates Recently I had a customer request to update their process definition in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). They had 30+ different processes migrated from TFS (Team Foundation Server), so they were all Hosted XML processes. Somehow they had the process setup like this: Epic –> Product Backlog Item Which they requested me to convert to this: Epic –> Feature –> Product Backlog Item In TFS you would...  View post
29 Dec 2017 - Using excerpts in Jekyll
I wanted to include at least some more information in the index page of my blog instead of just the publish date and title, so I searched around for some help to include an excerpt in Jekyll and found some help on this blog. The solution was very straightforward, but I’ll include it here for future reference. Index page In the index page, you can search the content of a...  View post
17 Dec 2017 - Trying out Jekyll
Trying out Jekyll on top of GitHub pages as a new blogging platform. For know, I just needed a simple way to create posts, but add some stuff I am missing on my current method (WithKnown), like RSS and Google Analytics. So far I like the easy setup (like: no installation whatsoever!) and the fact that it uses Jekyll to generate static pages. I started with the excelent guide of...  View post
19 Nov 2017 - Azure App Service - a quick way to take your app Offline
After searching for the third time on how to do this, I thought it would be time to write about this here 😬. If you have an Azure App Service that for some reason should just display a message to the user, indicating that it isn’t available, you can do this. I have had several reasons to do this: single app service host, without a deployment slot and a big...  View post
20 Aug 2016 - DotNetCore: Adding HTTPS to your MVC webapp
I wanted to use https in my dotnetcore application (v. 1.0.0-rc2-final) and had to dig around the web quite a bit to find the most recent and working method to accomplish this. Eventually a link in the MVC github site lead to an example how to fix this (link). First, the most easy way I've found to do this, is to add some custom middleware for redirecting all http requests...  View post
04 Jun 2016 - Links to Visual Studio Extensions
Some links to important Visual Studio extensions for later reference: Open Bin folder Visual Studio Extension: Visual Studio Gallery Wakatime: wakatime.com SlowCheetah Visual Studio Gallery SonarLint sonarlint.org T4MVC github.io  View post
03 Mar 2016 - Not geting new windows 10 preview builds after reverting to an older build?
If you previously had a new Windows 10 preview build installed in your computer and then you reverted back to an older build, you could lose access to the new build where the new build is no longer offered as an upgrade option. If you want to install that build again, deleting that build number from the list in the Registry Editor will restore the ability to upgrade. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost\Applicability\RecoveredFrom Source...  View post
23 Jan 2016 - Integrate SonarQube with TFS 2015 update 1
While migrating CI stuff from Jenkins into TFS 2015 SP1 I ran into this blog post from Microsoft explaining how to include SonarQube runs information in the TFS Build Tasks. We have been running SonarQube on our projecs for about a year now to gain some insights into Code Coverage and basic code smells. I sure don’t want to lose the information Sonar gives us. The problem was that we...  View post
09 Jan 2016 - Windows 10: Enable 8.1 fly-out style WiFi / VPN menu
I’m not the only one who is annoyed by the new Windows 10 way to connect to VPN connections. The new route takes a lot of new clicks, just to connect to a VPN! The old Windows 8 style was a lot faster. Since I frequently change connections at work, It’s a recurring annoyance everyday :-(. Today, I’ve found out that there is a simple registry setting to revert the...  View post
03 Jan 2016 - Visual Studio 2015 update 1 - Service update 1
Just putting this out here for future reference: there is a service update for VS2015 update 1 to fix some issues. I needed this update to fix an error in VS with T4MVC. Knowledge base article: Link  View post
19 May 2015 - WakaTime
https://wakatime.com/dashboard Plugin for Visual Studio (and other editors) to log hours spend in the editor. Free account only retains the information for a couple of weeks and gives you an overview of time per project/solution and per language. Really neat to see those stats. Currently I have this extension installed on both my laptop, pc and in a VM designated for SharePoint development.  View post
19 May 2015 - ASP.NET Demoproject started
Tonight, I had the idea of starting a new project to test and demo new area’s and features of ASP.NET. Initially it will be a project to test ASP.NET MVC 6 from Visual Studio 2015. I’ll set the project on Github for future reference and to get more familiair with git. Github: https://github.com/rajbos/Asp.Net-DemoProject  View post